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Punishments and haircuts!

Melkor: *clings to Eowyn's leg*

Eowyn: What's the matter, honey?

Melkor: Maglor cut off some of my hair

Eowyn: Why did she do that?

Melkor: I brought her a craft as a peace offering! And she said that whenever she saw me, she was going to cut more of me off!
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Stabbing knives are good to have on hand!

Curufin: >.>

Eowyn: *grins*

Curufin: *eyes*

Eowyn: *brightly* How's work?

Curufin: Good. I'm working on knives.
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I've been so busy all day cleaning this place. The kitchen's never been the same. But at least I managed to cook a meal.

Melly? Dinner's ready. Come and eat! And tell me where you've been sneaking off to!


More Sneak Attack Therapy with Eowyn!

Curufin: *comes into Vardabucks - has been told he'll love it*

Eowyn: *entering at the same time for her fix* Oh, hello.

Curufin: Hello. *orders a plain coffee*

Eowyn: *orders a latte* Would you care to join me?

Curufin: *surprised and a little wary* Alright.
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Coffee talk

Eowyn: *sitting in Vardabucks, drinking a latte, and scribbling notes*

Maedhros: *comes into Vardabucks for probably the first time! *

Eowyn: *spots him and waves* Hello!

Maedhros: *looks* Oh! Hi.

Eowyn: How are you?

Maedhros: I am doing alright.

Eowyn: Would you like to join me? I'll buy you a coffee.

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That art show was disturbing. I know it's someone eles's future, but it's my past, and it was quite a shock to see it displayed like that. :(

Eowyn needs horses!

*is in her office, writing up notes from her last session with Maglor.*

That didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. She’s going to need more time and perhaps heavy medication. As well, I might need a bodyguard. And I’m getting no where with these notes. I need some exercise. I wish I could find a horse…

Hmmm. I have an idea. *heads out to see the King*

Turgon: >.>

Eowyn: May I come in?

Turgon: Mmhmmn. *finishing up a bit of paperwork*

Eowyn: Er. Do I say "welcome back" when you rise from the dead?

Turgon: I guess you could. *wry grin*

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Eowyn visits a patient

Eowyn: *knocks* Hello?

Maglor: *brooding* What?

Eowyn: Can I come in?

Maglor: If you must.

Eowyn: *rolls eyes* I must. *enters*
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We need pretty dresses!

Well. This is disconcerting. I thought we had made a little progress. I suppose I shouldn't have told her it was okay to be angry.

This is also bothersome.

Maybe I'm not a very good therapist? :(

Or. Maybe they just need more therapy! :)

Anyway, there's a wedding to attend today! I wonder if elves have open bars...And there is nothing suitable for me to wear. Melly, come here! We need to go shopping!