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Melkor: *shrieking for Eowyn*

Aredhel: Quiet, child! You're making such a racket!

Theodwyn: *upset noise at seeing Melly like this*

Eowyn: *comes out of her house* Melly, why are you screaming?

Aredhel: Are you this child's mother?

Melkor: She hit me!

Eowyn: She hit you? *gives Ar a look* I am. *looks at Theodwyn* Are you okay, Wynnie?

Theodwyn: I'm fine! *goes over to Eowyn*

Eol: She was a little monster, woman

Eol: Aredhel merely disciplined her, which you should do more often

Aredhel: *gives Eowyn a look* You would do well to teach your daughter manners, human.

Melkor: *yanking at Ar's grip*

Aredhel: *lets Melkor go*

Eowyn: *pushes Melkor and Theodwyn behind her and advances on Ar* You hit my child?

Aredhel: I spanked her, yes. She has no manners, no politeness, and calls others names. She clearly needs disciplined and you're not doing it. *stands up straighter, eyeing Eowyn*

Eowyn: *keeps advancing on her* What gives YOU the right to hit a child? To hit MY child?

Aredhel: SHE was bothering MY niece's friend. I will deal with any threats, and that includes bad influence and disobedience. And you should wash her mouth with soap. She uses bad language, not to mention calling herself Morgoth! What insanity is that? *glaring now, clenching her fists at her side*

Ruby: *unhappy 'I can sense something bad is about to happen' noises*

Theodwyn: *watches, holding onto Melly's arm, frowning*

Eowyn: As I recall, YOU have no manners, no politeness, and call others names. Are you telling me this gives me the right to hit you? Because I will take it it. With pleasure. *stands very close to Ar and lowers her voice* And perhaps you might want to open your mind to the concept of a "troubled child" in terms of insanity.

Eol: *moves forward* You will keep your distance, woman

Eowyn: *gives HIM a look now; doesn't back up* And who are YOU?

Eol: A man who witnessed your poor parenting skills

Aredhel: *looks up at Eowyn, not backing down, either* Perhaps you should keep your "troubled child" on a leash next time before she runs into someone who will really hurt her for her claims and insolence.

Eowyn: *waves her hand at him* As if YOU would know anything about parenting, either of you.

Eowyn: Aredhel, I am telling you right now, if you ever touch my child again, you will answer to me.

Melkor: *hugs Eowyn's leg*

Aredhel: Then keep her in check, *Eowyn*. I will not tolerate her calling people names or not learning her place.

Eowyn: You have NO right, either of you, to go around touching other people's children. *spies Ruby* And what are you doing to that poor hobbit? Why does she have shoes on?

Ruby: She doesn't like my fur!

Eowyn: *to Ruby* You poor thing. *glares again at Ar* That's cruelty to hobbits. I can see how shoddy your child care skills are.

Aredhel: I am keeping her feet from the cold. And who are you to pass judgement when you have such problems of your own? *glares at Melkor*

Melkor: *hiss*

Theodwyn: *tugs on Melkor's arm to make him stop*

Eowyn: I am a person who has raised children before, and one who knows that hobbits don't wear shoes. *deep breath* You know, I am aware that Melly has ....some behavioral issues. However, not all things are easily corrected by hitting a child. And if you had any real care or concern at all, you would have come to speak to me, as her parent to deal with her. Rather than take it upon yourself to inappropriately hit and bully children who are not in your care or your responsibility. You are both way out of line here.

Aredhel: Perhaps. But next time I see her, she had better have improved behavior. You must do your job as well.

Eowyn: I "do my job" every. single. day. And do NOT threaten my child again. Or lay hands on Theodwyn.

Aredhel: *raises an eyebrow at her* You just remember that there *will* be consequences for your child's continued misbehavior unless it is taken care of. Others in this city will be quicker to threaten or act on previous threats.

Eowyn: Oh, so you continue to threaten her, and now you're threatening me?

Aredhel: I'm reminding you that others will, Eowyn.

Eowyn: *rolls her eyes* I imagine that most people in this city have more sense than to bully and threaten and HIT a little girl. And the common decency and politeness to talk to that child's parent about her behavior, if there -is- an issue.

Ruby: stop fighting!

Eowyn: *sighs* And take those shoes off that poor hobbit.

Aredhel: Don't presume to give me orders, Eowyn. And take your own advice regarding common decency and politeness. *glares at her* I'm exhausted from talking with you so I'm done. *dismissive wave and turns to go, picking Ruby up*

Eowyn: *sweetly* And I will remind you, if you ever touch or threaten my child again, I will hurt you, Aredhel. And since I'm not a useless idiot who doesn't know one end of the sword from the other, you can take that as a promise.

Aredhel: *just keeps walking, not interested in Eowyn's threats*

Eol: Touch her and you'll regret it, old woman

Eowyn: *glances at Eol* Oh, please. You'll be killing her before long. I'm not worried.

Eol: ...excuse me?

Eowyn: You're Eol, correct?

Aredhel: *pauses and pets Ruby, sighing* What a waste of time.

Eol: Yes. *wary look*

Eowyn: I'm from the future, even though all you idiots forget that. You end up marrying her, getting her pregnant, abusing her and your child, and killing her. Have fun. *grabs Melkor and Theodwyn and goes into the house, slamming the door in Eol's face*

Aredhel: ...*tightens her grip slightly on Ruby and continues walking*

Eol: o.o *pale*

Aredhel: ...are you coming, Eol?

Eol: ...yes, dear

Aredhel: *waits for him to catch up, then starts walking again, quietly*

Eol: ...I wouldn't ever, Ar...

Aredhel: ...I know. She was just trying to worry and upset us.

Eol: *little nod*

Aredhel: *reaches over to squeeze his hand* ...you're a good man.

Eol: ...I really hope so

Aredhel: *glances at him* You think she was telling the truth?

Eol: No. I don't

Aredhel: Then why are you worried?

Eol: *sighs* Wouldn't you be, if you were told something like that?

Aredhel: I would take it with a grain of salt. It was an angry woman, after all, who said it.

Eol: *little nod*

Aredhel: *sighs and starts tugging Rugy's shoes off*

Ruby: FREE

Aredhel: *pets her hair* ...I'm sorry, dear.

Ruby: *wiggles her feet happily*

Aredhel had no right to hit Melly, even though I'm sure Melly did something to deserve it. I'm not sure Aredhel is quite bright, though, since she didn't seem to listen to or understand a word I said. Ah well. Spoiled, useless child who thinks she's right in all matters and won't consider another point of view. Hopefully she heard what I said about Eol, and gains some sense.

And takes those damn shoes off that hobbit.
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