Eowyn (the_whitelady) wrote,

Theoden: *wraps his arms around Eowyn's shoulder's from behind and leans on her* 'lo

Eowyn: *smiles* Oh, hello, Theo.

Theoden: I may die. So I thought I should spend some time with you before that happens

Eowyn: Oh? Why is that?

Theoden: Did I tell you what I've been up to lately?

Eowyn: Something new?

Theoden: Feanor stuff

Eowyn: Yes, you did mention that.

Theoden: Maglor walked in on us. *resting his head on Eowyn's shoulder, still not letting her go*

Eowyn: Oh, no, Theo.

Theoden: I think, just maybe, there may be a bit of a rift. *holds two fingers closely together* A bit

Eowyn: *pets his hand* You need to be careful.

Theoden: Apparently Elfhild was all 'sure! Go right on in!' to Maglor. I think she wants me dead

Eowyn: Elfhild?

Theoden: Yeah. She was there to try and make Feanor promise to protect me. She's not driving me so insane lately

Eowyn: But I doubt she did it intentionally.

Theoden: I do too. But it's fun to suggest attempted murder

Eowyn: *chuckles, shaking her head*

Theoden: *grabs Eowyn's hands* What have you been doing? Wynnie hasn't had any horror stories about Melly for a while, so I'm assuming your life has gotten quieter

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, very quiet.

Theoden: That's no good.

Eowyn: It's nice to have some quiet, I think.

Theoden: But life should be exciting. Like finding out you finally have a room to yourself again

Eowyn: Has that happened?

Theoden: It has! Elfhild's moving into Sexburg's old room. She's going to live in the cold, cold attic

Eowyn: Poor Sexburg!

Theoden: I think it was her choice. If she dies, I'll mourn her.

Eowyn: Thoughtful of you.

Theoden: I'm such a nice big brother. And Noni moved out. It's almost like there's room to breathe at my home again

Eowyn: Just you and your mom and Wynnie and Sexburg and Elfhild! Just like old times!

Theoden: What, this is still happening to me in the future?

Eowyn: Just teasing.

Theoden: Don't scare me like that

Eowyn: Heheh. Sorry.

Theoden: I wonder how well Melly's going to take care of you when you get older

Eowyn: The thought frightens me.

Theoden: Maybe she'll calm down when she gets older?

Eowyn: If I'm very lucky. *smiles*

Theoden: You can hang around with my family

Eowyn: *laughs a little to herself* I've done that already.

Theoden: You know what I mean. I wouldn't wish Melly's mercies on anybody.

Eowyn: I think she's fond of me in her own way.

Theoden: She'll probably think arsenic will help your bones

Eowyn: You're so cheery to me, Theo.

Theoden: Shh. Thinking of all the ways she's going to accidentally destroy you

Eowyn: Maglor's gonna get you.

Theoden: I dunno, I think Elfhild might be able to take her

Eowyn: ....can I buy tickets for that match?

Theoden: Don't sound so eager.

Eowyn: *grins* Just curious.

Theoden: I'd probably stop it, anyway. I don't want her hurt

Eowyn: Elfhild or Maglor?

Theoden: Elfhild. Maglor I'd like to headbutt.

Eowyn: -That- I'd like to see too.

Theoden: Was Maglor that bad?

Eowyn: One gets weary of death threats and verbal sparring. But not that bad, no.

Theoden: I'm not so good with the whole verbal sparring thing.

Eowyn: Again, wearying.

Theoden: *patpat* If me and Elfhild end up fighting Maglor, I promise we'll call for you

Eowyn: *chuckles* Thank you, but I'd have to stop it.

Theoden: Damn your mercy

Eowyn: I know, I know.

Theoden: We'll have to wait a while before calling you, then...

Eowyn: *swats at him* You're bad, Theo.

Theoden: *just grins*
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