Eowyn (the_whitelady) wrote,

I'm worried about Melly. She's been sneaking out at night. We need to have a talk.

Melkor: *sleeping on the couch*
Eowyn: *wakes her*
Melkor: *tight ball of sleepiness* g'way, mortal
Eowyn: *shakes her* Wake up, please.
Melkor: Noooo
Eowyn: It's the middle of the day. Why are you asleep?
Melkor: because I'm TIRED
Eowyn: And why are you so tired, miss?
Eowyn: I am not. *tugs her up* Why are you so tired?
Melkor: I'm dying. Cookiess will cure it *flops over on Eowyn's arms*
Eowyn: *rubs her back* No cookies, until you tell me where you've been going at night.
Melkor: 've been in my room
Eowyn: Now you're lying.
Melkor: I've been with Gil Galad
Eowyn: Still lying.
Melkor: we're having an affair
Eowyn: Fine. No cookies.
Melkor: *whining noise*
Eowyn: And you're grounded. I do NOT want you out alone at night.
Melkor: I do what I want!
Eowyn: No, not yet.
Melkor: rrrr
Eowyn: When you're grown, you can do what you want. For now, you listen to me.
Melkor: I'm an ancient evil!
Eowyn: *sighs* You are a little girl. Who is not allowed to go out at night on her own.
Melkor: I do very grown up things at night
Eowyn: Then you will do very grown up things during the day. From home. Because you're grounded.
Melkor: I won't be made a prisoner!
Eowyn: Until I can trust you, you're grounded.
Melkor: *curls up into a ball*
Eowyn: *softly* You're not a prisoner. I'd just like to keep you safe, especially with all the sniper incidents.
Melkor: I have no fear of that.
Melkor: *knowing voice*
Eowyn: *rolls her eyes* Of course you don't, but I do. And I don't want to see you get hurt.
Melkor: ...I want cookies
Eowyn: Where have you been going at night?
Melkor: can't tell you
Eowyn: If you want cookies, you had better.
Melkor: *unhappy noise*
Eowyn: Your choice.
Melkor: ...I don't want your stupid cookies!
Eowyn: Fine then.
Melkor: Let me go!
Eowyn: Where are you going?
Melkor: To my room. *glares*
Eowyn: Oh, I don't think so. I've got some chores for you to do, while you're grounded. *gives her a list*
Melkor: ...
Eowyn: You're certainly not taking a nap.
Melkor: :(
Eowyn: Go ahead, start doing your chores now.
Melkor: *curls up on the floor*
Eowyn: *gives her a look*
Melkor: *lump of Melkor*
Eowyn: Chores, please.
Melkor: >:|
Eowyn: Fine, come with me then.
Melkor: ...kay *gets up*
Eowyn: *pulls out a very uncomfortable chair and faces it to a corner* You can sit there.
Melkor: ... 'm gonna run away
Eowyn: ....and where will you go to?
Melkor: ...I'll find one of my old minions!
Eowyn: Well, if living with me is that awful, I don't want you to force yourself....
Melkor: Fine!
Eowyn: Fine? You're leaving?
Melkor: Yes!
Eowyn: *very sad* That will be awful for me.
Melkor: ...I can handle it. I just need a good blanket
Eowyn: I will miss you very much.
Melkor: You wanted to make me sit in the corner.
Eowyn: Indeed. Because you refuse to tell me where you've been going at night, and you refuse to do your chores.
Melkor: *goes to the ktichen to fill a napkin with cheese and bread*
Eowyn: *follows* You're taking my food?
Melkor: ...I can't take food?
Eowyn: Well. I suppose. I wish you wouldn't go though. I'll be very worried about you.
Melkor: *much hesitating*
Eowyn: Just like I'm worried when you go out at night.
Melkor: I *can't* tell you
Eowyn: Why not? Did someone tell you not to?
Melkor: *nod*
Eowyn: Who?
Melkor: Stop asking!
Eowyn: Fine.
Melkor: *ties up the little bundle of food and goes to find his cloak*
Eowyn: *follows* I guess I'll have to go too.
Melkor: What?
Eowyn: I can't let you go alone. I'll be too worried about you.
Melkor: You're too big to live in a box!
Eowyn: Right, but you'll need someone to take care of you.
Melkor: *stubborn look* I did it before
Eowyn: Oh. Right. *sighs* You don't need me, then.
Melkor: ... *hugs her leg tightly*
Eowyn: *pets her head*
Melkor: You ask too many questions
Eowyn: *hugs her* I'm a mother, it's my job.
Melkor: mmph

Takes place after this.
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