Eowyn (the_whitelady) wrote,

Theoden: *brings Wynnie over to play with Melkor and sets them both free in the lawn*

Eowyn: Hi Theo.

Theoden: *shows her his egg*

Eowyn: Nice. Where'd you get that?

Theoden: Feanor!

Eowyn: ....seriously?

Theoden: Really truly

Eowyn: Maglor wasn't dangerous enough for you?

Theoden: He's not like her at all

Eowyn: Mmm. Where do you think she got it from?

Theoden: her forced transformation into a woman?

Eowyn: Oh, that. Yeah, there's that. But that kind of craziness doesn't spring from nowhere.

Theoden: No, I mean, I've been reading the history books. Maglor was apparently the really calm nice one before that.

Theoden: I think it was the transformation

Eowyn: Oh, sure.

Theoden: And he really is very handsome

Eowyn: Please don't get killed. I'm quite fond of you.

Theoden: I like you too. I promise not to let anyone kill me

Eowyn: *nods* Okay.

Theoden: And all he's done is pet my hair. Not exactly a declaration of anything

Eowyn: Hardly!

Theoden: Of course, the only other person who does that to me is Noni

Eowyn: Um, hardly indicative of interest.

Theoden: Noni

Eowyn: >.<

Theoden: Who's been starting it again lately

Eowyn: Oh no. Why?

Theoden: It's like my options are be awful to her or be badtouched by her

Eowyn: She needs medication.

Theoden: And what would you prescribe?

Eowyn: I don't even know. Perhaps she just needs someone of her own.

Theoden: She had that princess and then she went after that elf and it hasn't helped.

Eowyn: I know I've said it before, but it really might help if you two stayed away from each other.

Theoden: *frowns* I don't want to move away from Wynnie and Burgie

Eowyn: Well, then. I guess you put up with Noni.

Theoden: Or SHE moves out

Eowyn: I don't see her doing that.

Theoden: I may need a rape whistle

Eowyn: Well, I don't see her doing THAT either

Theoden: Her or the cat, man

Eowyn: *laughs* You and that cat.

Theoden: I just don't trust it. No animal should spend that much time licking my nose until I wake up

Eowyn: It might want you for dinner, not raping.

Theoden: You gotta look it in the eyes

Eowyn: I'll pass, thanks. I've got enough to deal with with the monkey.

Theoden: Where did she get a monkey?

Eowyn: Varda, I believe.

Theoden: Why...?

Eowyn: I... have no idea.

Theoden: Maybe she is Melkor

Eowyn: I...maybe? *considers* No.

Theoden: Alrighty

Eowyn: I mean, if she was...

Theoden: ...my nightmares just got a new, weirder face?

Eowyn: I wouldn't know what to do.

Theoden: Spanking?

Eowyn: *shakes her head* Oh, Theo.

Theoden: What?

Eowyn: If she's really Melkor?

Theoden: Well, that'd be the first think I'd think of.

Eowyn: I'll consider it.

Theoden: I mean, what else could you do?

Eowyn: If she was ACTUALLY Melkor?

Theoden: yeah

Eowyn: Well, she's not.

Theoden: I wonder if Wynnie's a good influence on her

Eowyn: I hope so.

Theoden: *peers out the window at them* They seem to be pretending they're dragons

Eowyn: Melly doesn't have matches again, does she?

Theoden: No, but she's hoarding a pile of leaves

Theoden: Aren't those slug-covered by now?

Eowyn: Maybe!

Theoden: Oh, gross

Eowyn: *laughs* Want to call them in? I have cupcakes.

Theoden: *goes to fetch them* I get cupcakes too, right?

Eowyn: If you're good.

Theoden: I am an angel

Eowyn: Oh, indeed. *smiles and goes to get the cupcakes*

Theoden: *discreetly goes to throw a slug outside*

Eowyn: *puts the cupcakes on the table*

Theoden: *washes his hands and grabs one* Mine now.

Eowyn: Bring some to the girls.

Theoden: *pouts and does so*

Eowyn: *smiles and eats her cupcake*

Theoden: *chatters about being a guard*

Eowyn: So, you're a guard AND a knight?

Theoden: Yeah. It seemed like a good way to wiggle out of investigating Maglor stuff all the time

Eowyn: Does it work?

Theoden: So far, yes.

Theoden: My boss for the guard stuff is her boyfriend, which means he's unlikely to send me after her

Eowyn: Oh, well. That's a relief, I'm sure.

Theoden: I know.

Eowyn: You don't think she's still going to hurt you.

Theoden: It doesn't help people keep constantly warning me to stay away from her

Eowyn: Tell me about it. But yes, it can be nervewracking.

Theoden: Do *you* think it's in my best interests to maybe keep my distance?

Eowyn: Could be. I haven't seen her for a quite a while now. But she seemed a little more ... settled last time I did.

Theoden: Hm

Eowyn: It's up to you if you want to try.

Theoden: I like that I got money last time

Theoden: *looks out the window* It's getting kind of late. Is it okay if I leave Wynnie with you and go off to do some work?

Eowyn: No problem. Good luck with work.

Theoden: Thanks. *snags another cupcake* See you when I come to retrieve my tiny person. *heads out*
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