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So, Turgon had a question about a future relative and he came to ask about it. I told him what he wanted to know, but... I'm never sure if I'm saying enough or too much.

I mean, if I tell people what I know about the future, what is supposed to happen, will that change things? Will that make them do things differently? Will it change the future I come from? And if I don't tell them what I know, am I then responsible for things that happen, things that could have been changed, if I had spoken? Or is it just that things will happen as they're supposed to, no matter what I say or do?

I don't know...I suppose things are changed already, because certainly there are things that are happening here that I never learned from any history. So perhaps I *should* say what I know, and give people the chances to make changes, while they still have them.

Thinking about this is enough to drive me mad.

Also, when talking to Turgon, it became clear that he was upset with his brother, and with me. I wasn't sure why he was so distressed, or what exactly had happened, so I spoke to Fingon.

Fingon: *wandering back from the brothel and passes the fountain*

Eowyn: *sitting in the sun, looks up and spots him* Fingon, hello!

Fingon: Eowyn. *smiles a bit* How are you?

Eowyn: I'm well. And you?

Fingon: I'm...okay

Eowyn: You don't sound too sure of that.

Fingon: Well my brother and I had some drama. I heard something about him that disturbed me and I tried to get him to talk to you about it and upset him.

Eowyn: Ah. I was going to ask you. He came to see me, and seemed quite annoyed, and I didn't understand.

Fingon: I might have tried to blackmail him into seeing you. I'm sorry for any umpleasantness

Eowyn: ...blackmail?

Fingon: Yes I said I wasn't going to...*how DO I explain the incest* do something he likes me to do unless he talked to you

Eowyn: Hmm. Well. No wonder he was annoyed. And worried.

Fingon: yes *frowns*

Eowyn: I was wondering what brought that on. He seems unhappy with the idea of you making changes, and with me for encouraging that. But the blackmail.... what is it you won't do?

Fingon: Oh I wouldn't...be intimate with him. I'm not sure if it would have led to sex if I had been willing or not. It usually does but it might have just been snogging...*realizes what he just said* Oh um sorry

Eowyn: *shakes head slightly* Oh. Okay. I see. *thinks a bit* This is all very complicated.

Fingon: yeah..our family kinda IS

Eowyn: *wryly* So I'm finding out. But you think he needs to talk to me?

Fingon: I think...*sighs* actually what NEEDS to happen though I doubt it will

Fingon: is for the entire family to sit down together and talk about EVERYTHING

Eowyn: *nods* That sounds like it could be very helpful. Or very dangerous. Probably both.

Fingon: Probably. *nods* We'd have to all be restrained first

Eowyn: *chuckles, picturing that* That would be the safest way, of course. But listen. You said to me before that you wanted to try to put things right with people, and that you'd have to make changes to do that, right?

Fingon: yes I did. I haven't done much with that yet but my parents ARE in town and I intend to see them

Eowyn: Okay, but blackmail really shouldn't be a part of that.

Fingon: No it won't

Eowyn: *smiles* Good. Glad to hear that. And you're going to talk to your brother again? Because he seemed.... distressed.

Fingon: Yes I am going to. I think it'll help

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, I hope so. You can't make him see me, even if you think he should. But maybe you can help him in other ways?

Fingon: *nodding* I'll find a way that works for us

Eowyn: Good. And of course, he is welcome to talk to me, if you think he would.

Fingon: I'll keep mentioning it but no forcing

Eowyn: *smiles* Yes. I doubt he will - he made that pretty clear to me - but hopefully you two will work something out.

Fingon: I think we can manage *grin* And if not, I'll let you know

Eowyn: *smiles* Yes, do so. And good luck with your parents.

Fingon: thanks *grin*

Well, at least that cleared things up a little. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to help, and I'm pretty sure they need all the help they can get.
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