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Therapy is worse than pulling teeth

Time to pay another visit to Maglor...

Eowyn: *knocks at Maglor's door*

Maglor: *goes to answer, covered in wood dust and shavings as she's been working in her shop* Hello?

Eowyn: *smiles* Hi.

Maglor: *sighs* Can I help you?

Eowyn: I just came by to say hello, and see if you had a few minutes to talk. We haven't for a while.

Maglor: I suppose. *pushes the door open and walks away, brushing herself off a bit* Should I make some tea?

Eowyn: *follows her* That would be lovely, thank you.

Maglor: *nods to a table in the kitchen* Have a seat. *busies herself making tea*

Eowyn: *sits* How have you been?

Maglor: Fine. *watches her hands, not wanting to talk at all*

Eowyn: Keeping yourself busy?

Maglor: Naturally.

Eowyn: How are you feeling, pregnancy-wise?

Maglor: Fine. *sets the tea pot on the table, along with cups and sugar and cream*

Eowyn: Not much nausea? Or back pain?

Maglor: No more than I can handle.

Eowyn: *nods* That's good.

Maglor: *stirs her tea* I suppose it is.

Eowyn: *adds cream and sugar to her tea* And how are you feeling otherwise? Less angry?

Maglor: I'm fine. No one's made me angry.

Eowyn: *smiles* That sounds very good. No family problems?

Maglor: None of your concern.

Eowyn: *wryly* Of course not.

Maglor: I'm sure you have your own family to worry about. I'm taking care of mine.

Eowyn: *shrugs* Not exactly.

Maglor: Still. *a bit of a growl to this*

Eowyn: *nods* Mmmhmm.

Maglor: *clears her throat* I can care for my brothers. I always have.

Eowyn: *nods again* Yes, I have noticed. I imagine they appreciate it.

Maglor: *shrugs* They seem to.

Eowyn: I saw your brother Maedhros the other day. He's such a nice man.

Maglor: He is. *small smile* I guess that's part of why I've always been closest to him.

Eowyn: He's very kind and thoughtful, I think. He must be a good brother to have.

Maglor: He is, truly.

Eowyn: In my time, there are stories and songs and poems about him....

Maglor: *amused* How many did I write?

Eowyn: *grins* Quite a few. And there are stories about you as well.

Maglor: I should hope so.

Eowyn: You get equal time, don't worry.

Maglor: I wouldn't be surprised if we do a lot together, actually.

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, indeed. *doesn't want to get too much into it* Have you written many songs about him now?

Maglor: I just finished one. *shrugs*

Eowyn: Oh? *interested* Do you present it to him?

Maglor: Not yet.

Eowyn: Is it something you'd play in public? Do you give performances?

Maglor: It is, and I do, but only when I feel like it. I'm highly sought after.

Eowyn: *nods* I'd imagine so. I'd love to hear you play some day. I mean, I've heard songs of yours performed.... but that's different.

Maglor: ...we'll see. I haven't been playing, lately. I've been busy.

Eowyn: With writing the song?

Maglor: Among other things/

Eowyn: What else keeps you busy? *sips her tea*

Maglor: Work.

Eowyn: What do you work at, besides music?

Maglor: I teach, I build instruments, I run an import business.

Eowyn: Well, you do keep very busy indeed.

Maglor: Naturally.

Eowyn: What do you import?

Maglor: *raises an eyebrow* A number of things.

Eowyn: *nods* Sounds like an interesting line of work.

Maglor: It can be.

Eowyn: *takes another sip of her tea* I don't imagine there's anything you'd like to talk about...

Maglor: *firmly* No. Your definition of talking seems to involve anlyzing my sanity.

Eowyn: *wryly* Well, that is, of course, my job.

Maglor: Who's paying you?

Eowyn: *grins* Good question.

Maglor: Exactly. So stop working.

Eowyn: It probably doesn't matter if I say I was concerned about you.

Maglor: There's no need to be

Eowyn: Well, you do -seem- much better.

Maglor: Well, yes. Because I wanted to be.

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, I see that.

Maglor: Russa helps. When I let him.

Eowyn: He must want to help a lot.

Maglor: Sometimes.

Eowyn: And your other brothers help too, maybe?

Maglor: Some of them.

Eowyn: Are they all in Gondolin? I've only met one of the others...

Maglor: They are, unless they've gone off hunting.

Eowyn: It must be nice, having all of your family togther.

Maglor: Eh, I suppose. I could live without some of my family.

Eowyn: *grins a bit* I suppose that's true of most families.

Maglor: Mmmn. Perhaps. Though, there are others who make up for it.

Eowyn: *nods* Like Maedhros?

Maglor: Aye.

Eowyn: You're lucky to have him then.

Maglor: *nods* As I tell him all the time.

Eowyn: I imagine he feels the same about you.

Maglor: I would like to think so.

Eowyn: *finishes her tea*

Maglor: Sometimes I think he'd be better without me, all things considered.

Eowyn: *nods* Oh? What kind of things?

Maglor: I upset him, sometimes. *shrugs* Besides, he has other... family members he prefers to spend time with

Eowyn: Well, I'd imagine he upsets you sometimes as well. And I can't believe he'd prefer not to spend all his time with others.

Maglor: I get him when I need him. Mostly. I suppose that's all that counts.

Eowyn: *nods* It counts for a lot, I'd think.

Maglor: Mmmn. *serves herself more tea*

Eowyn: It must help to know he's around to help with the baby.

Maglor: That does, I guess.

Eowyn: You're getting along in the pregnancy well, I'd say.

Maglor: I do know how to care for myself.

Eowyn: *nods* Oh, of course. Just saying, sometimes first pregnancies are difficult....

Maglor: I'm fine.

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, I'm sure you are. If you did have any questions or concerns, perhaps I could help.

Maglor: Doubtful. I have my own healers to deal with my pregnancy, thank you.

Eowyn: *nods* Yes, of course, Just I've had some experience with human/elf pregnancies, so... but your healers, I'm sure, are fine.

Maglor: Things seem to be progressing just like a normal elven pregnancy, so we're really not worried.

Eowyn: Very good, then.

Maglor: Mmn. I thought so.

Eowyn: That must be relieving to hear.

Maglor: I could have dealt with anything that happened. I'm strong.

Eowyn: *nods* You are very strong, yes.

Maglor: And -if- there was something I couldn't deal with, I do have 6 brothers.

Eowyn: All of whom could help you, I'd imagine.

Maglor: ...most of them.

Eowyn: Some of them not good with babies?

Maglor: Some of them not good with anyone.

Eowyn: *nods* I see...

Maglor: *shrugs*

Eowyn: You don't get along with all your brothers, then?

Maglor: No. Should I?

Eowyn: No, I don't think you need to.

Maglor: Good. Tyelko is a moron.

Eowyn: *chokes a bit* He is?

Maglor: Yes.

Eowyn: *thinks about what she's read about him* I can believe that.

Maglor: And he's a bad influence on Curufin.

Eowyn: Oh, that's not good.

Maglor: Curu, of course, enjoys his company greatly

Eowyn: *wryly* Of course.

Maglor: Curu's good, though, when he's on his own.

Eowyn: He seems to be good, yes.

Maglor: He has a bit of an ego, though.

Eowyn: Oh, really?

Maglor: Don't we all? *grins* But his is one of the worse, yes.

Eowyn: *grins back at her* I may have noticed, yes.

Maglor: *shrugs* Can you blame us?

Eowyn: No, in fact, I suppose it could be much worse.

Maglor: We've a strong and proud family. We're all highly skilled

Eowyn: Yes, indeed. Many reasons to be proud.

Maglor: Yes.

Eowyn: No wonder it's difficult to get along sometimes.

Maglor: It's much easier if they agree with me.

Eowyn: *can imagine this* But strong and proud people would tend to fight more, wouldn't they?

Maglor: If they're smart, they fight together against common enemies.

Eowyn: And they're smart, of course. But not as smart as you?

Maglor: Russa may be, or Curu.

Eowyn: Not the others then?

Maglor: Not as smart as me, no, though they're all intellegent in their own ways.

Eowyn: Except for the one who is the moron?

Maglor: Well, yes.

Eowyn: Do you take of him too, then? You said you take care of your brothers... even the ones you don't get along with?

Maglor: Curu takes care of him. *shrugs* He and I are much happier apart.

Eowyn: But if he needed you?

Maglor: He is my brother.

Eowyn: And you trust he'd be there for you as well?

Maglor: No. But I'm not like him.

Eowyn: Oh? How is he different?

Maglor: He's an asshole.

Eowyn: *does not smile* But still family?

Maglor: Mmmn.

Eowyn: You are bound to him, and to the rest of your family, no matter what?

Maglor: More or less.

Eowyn: That can be a lot of pressure sometimes.....

Maglor: *shrugs* That's how it's always been.

Eowyn: No reason to change things?

Maglor: Family is family. To abondon them is to be abandoned. It's a matter of pride.

Eowyn: *nods* Yes. And you are very proud.

Maglor: I am. *raises an eyebrow*

Eowyn: *nods* Well, it's an important part of your identity.

Maglor: I suppose.

Eowyn: Yes, wouldn't you be different if you didn't have that family and pride in your life?

Maglor: I would be nothing.

Eowyn: That's a scary thought.

Maglor: *shrugs*

Eowyn: No?

Maglor: I don't think about it.

Eowyn: Mmmn. Well, it's not something to dwell on, but it might be something to think about, at least in terms of your identity

Maglor: No. I don't care about that.

Eowyn: Hmm, but what if something happens to your family, to your brothers? What happens to you then?

Maglor: I go on.

Eowyn: Good to hear.

Maglor: It's what I do.

Eowyn: *nods*

Maglor: Life is what it is. I deal with what comes the best way I know how.

Eowyn: And what is that best way?

Maglor: That changes with each situation.

Eowyn: *nods* That's a good approach, mostly.

Maglor: I know.

Eowyn: *nods and stands* Well, thank you very much for the tea. I shouldn't take up much more of your time...

Maglor: You really shouldn't. *cold glance at Eowyn*

Eowyn: *doesn't flinch* I'll stop by again sometime, perhaps.

Maglor: I'd rather you didn't. I've no further need of your services. Go visit someone like Fingon, who does.

Eowyn: *nods* As you wish. Take care. *departs*

Maglor: Thank Eru... *starts cleaning things*

Well, at least she's a little more stable. But unfortunately, I'm out of a job. I may have to look for alternate forms of income. *ponders*
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