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A knife AND a babysitter!

Well, that turned out to be a busy afternoon. I got my lovely new knife, which Curufin delivered and he stayed for lunch.

Eowyn: *is working in her herb garden*
Curufin: *knocking on her front door*
Eowyn: *does not hear, is working away*
Curufin: Hello? *looks around*
Eowyn: *calls* I'm out back, come around!
Curufin: *finds her backyard*
Eowyn: *looks up* Oh, hi.
Curufin: I have your knife. *holds out*
Eowyn: *smiles* Great! *hands are full of herbs* Um.
Eowyn: Come inside for a moment. *leads him in the kitchen*
Curufin: *follows*
Eowyn: *puts down the herbs and cleans her hands, then turns to take the knife* Oh.
Curufin: *waits while she appraises*
Eowyn: *is very impressed* Wow. This is just.... *turns it over and examines it all around, moving from hand to hand*
Curufin: Is it how you wanted?
Eowyn: Yes. *nods, and grips the knife* It's perfect.
Curufin: Good. *actually smiles*
Eowyn: *softly, staring at it* And it's so lovely. I wasn't expecting that. I mean, I knew it would be finely made. But it's.... pretty.
Curufin: *makes them all pretty!* So, you like it then?
Eowyn: *smiles at him* Yes, very much.
Curufin: Good! I'm glad.
Eowyn: Thank you, very much. Um. I'll go get your payment. Have a seat. Would you like a drink?
Curufin: I'm fine, thanks. *sits*
Eowyn: *leaves the room to get his payment*
Curufin: *waits, looking around*
Eowyn: *returns, hands payment to him* Thank you again.
Curufin: *accepts* You're welcome.
Eowyn: *making conversation* Did you finish your the other knife you were making, for your brother?
Curufin: Almost. I have a few details left to finish.
Eowyn: I'm sure it will be wonderful, if it's anything like this one.
Curufin: *smiles a bit*
Eowyn: *looks at him* Are you feeling well?
Curufin: *surprised by the question* Well enough. Why?
Eowyn: Well, if you don't mind me saying, which, um. You probably will, but. Anyway, you look kind of pale and tired.
Curufin: Oh. It was a bit of a long night, but it's hardly anything to worry about.
Eowyn: Oh? Up late?
Curufin: Yes.
Eowyn: *smiles* Having a good time, I hope?
Curufin: Ish.
Eowyn: Only ish?
Curufin: Well it was alright. Not exactly a party or anything like that.
Eowyn: By yourself, then.
Curufin: *admits* Not quite.
Eowyn: *nods* Listen, you sure I can't get you something? I have a good tea for hangovers.
Curufin: *weighs the thought* Hmm...I suppose a little couldn't hurt.
Eowyn: Probably not, no.
Eowyn: *gathers things for tea, and puts the kettle on to boil*
Eowyn: *hands him the tea* There, that helps both headache and upset stomach.
Curufin: *thanks her*
Eowyn: You're welcome. *busies herself with the herbs she brought in, cleaning and chopping (not with the new knife!) * So, were you celebrating something last night?
Curufin: *sips the tea* No, not exactly.
Eowyn: *arches an eyebrow* Drowning your sorrows?
Curufin: ...Possibly. >.> *takes another sip to avoid further detail*
Eowyn: Mmm. *adds the herbs to a pot on the stove* So, a rough night then.
Curufin: Kinda yeah.
Eowyn: *stirs her soup pot* Remember any of it?
Curufin: Yes.
Eowyn: That's a good thing, at least. The missing parts are always worrisome.
Curufin: *nods slowly*
Eowyn: *eyes him*
Curufin: *not planning on elaborating*
Eowyn: *does not really expect him to, but* Um. Not in a therapist way, honestly. But I am good at listening, if you need talking.
Curufin: *fears he's talked too much already, though not necessarily to her* Thanks. *continues sipping* This is helpful, what's in it?
Eowyn: Mint and ginger and honey. All good things for hangover.
Curufin: *makes note, should he ever be in need of a hangover cure again*
Eowyn: It's always helped get appetite back, which is also good with a hangover. Since food helps speed a hangover along.
Curufin: *nods, though hasn't eaten anything yet today; didn't stay long enough at Turu's to have more than coffee*
Eowyn: *kind of guessed* I've got soup if you want some. And have some bread about to come out of the oven.
Curufin: *is sorely tempted, with the tea going to work*
Eowyn: Chicken soup?
Curufin: *gives in* Thanks.
Eowyn: No problem. *dishes up a bowl of soup from the pot on the stove, and places before him, with a spoon*
Curufin: *eats*
Eowyn: *refills his tea and leaves him to eat, while taking bread out of the oven*
Curufin: This is quite good...
Eowyn: *smiles* Thanks. *slices the bread and places before him*
Curufin: *dips in soup, rather enjoying the meal*
Eowyn: *gets some soup for herself and joins him* Oh. *smiles* Yes, it came out well.
Curufin: *cocks head slightly* Hmm?
Eowyn: *chuckles* It took me years to learn to make a good soup.
Curufin: Really?
Eowyn: *shrugs* I used to overcook and overseason everything.
Curufin: Ahh.
Eowyn: My mother died when I was quite young, so I learned cooking on my own, pretty much. *smiles a bit* Wasn't always sucessful at first.
Curufin: *nods*
Eowyn: Feeling a little better?
Curufin: Quite, thank you.
Eowyn: *smiles* Good. *continues eating her soup*
Curufin: *after awhile* I probably should be heading back. *hates to eat-and-run, but...*
Eowyn: Of course. *did not mean to keep him!* Thank you for bringing the knife by.
Curufin: You're welcome! Thank you for the food, and the tea. *she did not keep him*
Eowyn: Oh, it was my pleasure. *a little shy* Stop by again, if you would like.
Curufin: *nods* Perhaps. Thank you again. *nods to her*
Eowyn: *smiles* Take care.
Curufin: You also.

He's nice enough, but kind of quiet. Also, he really should shower after a night of drinking and sex, but how does one say that kind of thing politely? At least the hangover tea helped him. And now I'm well armed with this nice knife.

Then I had someone come by to apply for the babysitting job for Melly! He seems like a nice boy, and he wanted the job, even after meeting Melly, which was unexpected, so I hired him on the spot. I met his father just to clear everything, and he was also very nice, but... not the father I was expecting. So, either the histories I read had that wrong, or this time shifting thing really does change things. Hmmm.

Anyway, Ereinion starts tomorrow afternoon. Melly was behaving so oddly with him, though. I hope she gets over this shyness and has fun with him.
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