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Feb. 24th, 2009

Continued from here.

Melkor: *shrieking for Eowyn*

Aredhel: Quiet, child! You're making such a racket!

Theodwyn: *upset noise at seeing Melly like this*

Eowyn: *comes out of her house* Melly, why are you screaming?

Aredhel: Are you this child's mother?

Melkor: She hit me!

Eowyn: She hit you? *gives Ar a look* I am. *looks at Theodwyn* Are you okay, Wynnie?

Theodwyn: I'm fine! *goes over to Eowyn*

Eol: She was a little monster, woman

Eol: Aredhel merely disciplined her, which you should do more often

Aredhel: *gives Eowyn a look* You would do well to teach your daughter manners, human.

Melkor: *yanking at Ar's grip*

Aredhel: *lets Melkor go*
Don't mess with Eowyn. Or her kids...Collapse )

Aredhel had no right to hit Melly, even though I'm sure Melly did something to deserve it. I'm not sure Aredhel is quite bright, though, since she didn't seem to listen to or understand a word I said. Ah well. Spoiled, useless child who thinks she's right in all matters and won't consider another point of view. Hopefully she heard what I said about Eol, and gains some sense.

And takes those damn shoes off that hobbit.

Theoden: *wraps his arms around Eowyn's shoulder's from behind and leans on her* 'lo

Eowyn: *smiles* Oh, hello, Theo.

Theoden: I may die. So I thought I should spend some time with you before that happens

Eowyn: Oh? Why is that?

Theoden: Did I tell you what I've been up to lately?
Theo explains why he might die. My heart breaks! Also, since this therapist thing isn't working out too well, I might become a fight promoter...Collapse )

Jan. 18th, 2009

I'm worried about Melly. She's been sneaking out at night. We need to have a talk.

Melkor: *sleeping on the couch*
Eowyn: *wakes her*
Melkor: *tight ball of sleepiness* g'way, mortal
Eowyn: *shakes her* Wake up, please.
Melkor: Noooo
Eowyn: It's the middle of the day. Why are you asleep?
Melkor: because I'm TIRED
Eowyn: And why are you so tired, miss?
It goes downhill from here....Collapse )

Takes place after this.

Nov. 6th, 2008

Noniel: *takes Wynnie to visit Eowyn* Hey, Eowyn

Eowyn: Hi, Noni, hi Wynnie.

Wynnie: Hiii, Eowyn! *hugs and runs up to play with Melly*
A nice conversation? Maybe not.Collapse )

Well. That went badly.

Nov. 2nd, 2008

Theoden: *brings Wynnie over to play with Melkor and sets them both free in the lawn*

Eowyn: Hi Theo.

Theoden: *shows her his egg*

Eowyn: Nice. Where'd you get that?

Theoden: Feanor!
Seriously?Collapse )

A guest for dinner

Theoden: *drapes over Eowyn* hiii

Eowyn: Hi!

Theoden: I haven't been fed today. *big sad eyes at her*

Eowyn: Well, come on. I've got dinner ready.

Theoden: Yay!

Eowyn: Go get Melly and we can eat.
Death threats and dessert!Collapse )


Sep. 13th, 2008

So, Turgon had a question about a future relative and he came to ask about it. I told him what he wanted to know, but... I'm never sure if I'm saying enough or too much.

I mean, if I tell people what I know about the future, what is supposed to happen, will that change things? Will that make them do things differently? Will it change the future I come from? And if I don't tell them what I know, am I then responsible for things that happen, things that could have been changed, if I had spoken? Or is it just that things will happen as they're supposed to, no matter what I say or do?

I don't know...I suppose things are changed already, because certainly there are things that are happening here that I never learned from any history. So perhaps I *should* say what I know, and give people the chances to make changes, while they still have them.

Thinking about this is enough to drive me mad.

Also, when talking to Turgon, it became clear that he was upset with his brother, and with me. I wasn't sure why he was so distressed, or what exactly had happened, so I spoke to Fingon.Collapse )

Well, at least that cleared things up a little. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to help, and I'm pretty sure they need all the help they can get.

Therapy is worse than pulling teeth

Time to pay another visit to Maglor...Collapse )

Well, at least she's a little more stable. But unfortunately, I'm out of a job. I may have to look for alternate forms of income. *ponders*


A knife AND a babysitter!

Well, that turned out to be a busy afternoon. I got my lovely new knife, which Curufin delivered and he stayed for lunchCollapse ) He's nice enough, but kind of quiet. Also, he really should shower after a night of drinking and sex, but how does one say that kind of thing politely? At least the hangover tea helped him. And now I'm well armed with this nice knife.

Then I had someone come by to apply for the babysitting job for Melly! He seems like a nice boy, and he wanted the job, even after meeting Melly, which was unexpected, so I hired him on the spot. I met his father just to clear everything, and he was also very nice, but... not the father I was expecting. So, either the histories I read had that wrong, or this time shifting thing really does change things. Hmmm.

Anyway, Ereinion starts tomorrow afternoon. Melly was behaving so oddly with him, though. I hope she gets over this shyness and has fun with him.

Babysitter wanted!

Well, Melly's grounded, but she still needs a babysitter. I should post an ad!

Babysitter wanted for little girl. Must be responsible, flexible and have good sense of humor, and like to play and like being referred to as "minion". You will be well-compensated. Contact Eowyn for more information.